Thank U, Next 2019

It was a tough yet fun 2018! A lot of things happened and I am very thankful to all who became part of my journey from friends, family, travels, life decisions and challenges. I have learned a lot of things and will keep all the precious memories I had.

Here are some of the fun and fulfilling highlights of my 2018 that I would love to share..


I’ve learned so many things from being a mother and wife. Having a long distance relationship is truly tough, but we were able to overcome the sadness and challenges by having strength, honesty and love. I know our journey is not gonna be easy, but as long as we have each other, we will make it and surpass.


We were able to travel 2 countries this year. Traveling with my little one is really fun and exciting. Summer is learning a lot of things while her curiosity keeps going. We planned on traveling at least 1-2 countries every year. There’s just something in travelling that makes you a better person.

Arts & Crafts

I am thankful I learned something new about crafts. I attended a macramé workshop and I had fun. It became a hobby then started my own handmade business out of it. It is a source of my happiness and artistry. There’s a sense of fulfillment everytime I finished making a macramé piece especially when people appreciates my work. I love how they see the beauty of handmade crafts.


To be honest, I am not really a dog person. I mean, I like how cute and fluffy they are, but I am not just patient enough to care one. My husband really wanted us to have a dog for our little Summer. In the end, I agreed to have one and bought a male maltese puppy, Ollie. Since then, I started to learn how to care for them and even potty trained him! We got his vaccines all complete and have him brought to the pet salon most of the time. My daughter really gets excited everytime we buy dog stuff for Ollie. I am more than ok and contented to see Summer happy with Ollie.


I was actually thinking of shutting down my blog and social media accounts. It’s because I hardly ever post blogs and sometimes I felt like the things I am posting online are not genuine. Then I remembered all the good things this blog has given me, especially that moment I got featured in one of the e-magazines called Lookvine. In the end, I decided to keep up because I will not lose anything if I chose to maintain my blog and social accounts. There are bunch of good reasons for me to keep blogging. The possibilites of gaining new friends, earning, getting featured and collecting all the precious things that happened to my life are here. This blog and my social accounts serves as my personal diary, it’s like immortalizing all my memories. It’s good to know there are life records that I can look back as the years pass.

Every year just gets better and better. So I am going to keep the momentum going and make this 2019 amazing!

Happy New Year!



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