6 Kid-friendly Destinations in Thailand

When going on a vacation with kids, first thing we look up to are the places that our little ones will enjoy.

While I was doing our itinerary, all I was thinking are the best places that Summer (my daughter) will appreciate more. Luckily, Thailand has several spots that are perfect for families and kiddos. But most of these places can be found in Hua Hin, a 3-4 hours drive from Bangkok. It is a province in Thailand with beautiful sceneries and a beach that is truly perfect for families. Here are the fun and exciting places we visited:

1. Safari World 




One of the most visited places in Thailand. It consists of two parks named Marine Park and Safari park. It is an open zoo that offers great variety of fun and entertainment for everyone. The entrance fee as far as I can remember is around 1,500 – 1,600 baht for adults and 1,200 – 1,400 baht for kids. Babies 0-2 years old mostly are free entrance, they base it on the child’s height.

If you’re going to the Safari park, a bus will take you to an exciting safari drive around the African wilderness environment setting. No walking or going down your respective cars because the animals are walking around freely. Private cars can also enter inside the park. The tour around the zoo will usually take 40 minutes.

In Marine park, you can walk freely around the park and watch different animal shows. Much better if you and your family can go there as early as 9:00 am so that you can watch all the shows and have enough time to discover what this huge park has to offer.

2. Santorini Park




LRM_EXPORT_47933727217703_20180927_101635052.jpegIt brings the slice of the picturesque Greek island with its whitewashed walls, colorful doors and windows and domed towers. There is also an amusement park inside which your kids will surely enjoy. The entrance fee is around 150 baht and you get a free 1 ride for 1 person. There are shopping boutiques and restaurants inside the park. However, the waterpark is not included in the entrance fee. You must pay a different entrance fee if you wish to go to the waterpark.

3. Mercado de Plearnwan


It is a perfect place to get local flavors, handcrafted items and souvenirs. It is a 2 level market decorated in a vintage and old town style. There are is also a mini amusement park inside and a hotel.

4. Blùport Mall

Image source: novotelhuahin.com

This is the nearest mall from our accommodation. There are also tons of great buys here and Thailand branded clothes. On the upper level, you can find a kids indoor playground too. You can buy groceries here or even dine at the foodhall, which offers a variety of thai cuisine in a very affordable price.

5. Vana Nava Water Jungle


This is one of the most exciting place we visited in Hua Hin. Of course, we all love splashing and enjoying in the water, especially if there are high water slides, your whole family will truly enjoy. There are many rides and water-themed attractions to keep you and your kids entertained all day. I wasn’t able to take lots of photos because I had to leave my camera in the locker.

6. The Chocolate Factory


Before we head back to Bangkok, we took a stopover here to grab some hot chocolate. You can have your kids wander around and grab some cookies or yummy chocolates too. I can say, their hot chocolate is one of the best I ever tasted!

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