8 Destinations For First-Timers in Doha

Hey there! I am so excited to share to you the amazing and interesting places we visited during our 25 days in Doha. As you all know, Doha is the economic center of the country that’s why it is considered as the fastest growing city in Qatar. Research says that most of the city’s residents are non-Qataris. There are large numbers of Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos and Bangladeshis in the city, which I also notice during our stay there.

Now, hopping to the places we visited there. By the way, I forgot to bring my camera (really frustrating!) that’s why my photos are extra blurry or not in real good quality.

  1. MIA Park – Doha Port, Qatar

    It is one of the many beautiful green places along Doha waterfront. A lot of people are jogging and having a picnic here. There’s even a free zumba class every morning where people can dance and jive to the upbeat music. If you want to make your morning extra lively and sweat more, then you might wanna join the zumba dance here.

2. Museum of Islamic Art – PO Box 2777, Doha Port, Qatar

It has the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. The architecture of the building is really fascinating. When I entered the museum, I was really stunned by the amazing structure of the building. The collections are located and spread from 1st to 3rd floor, ranging to jewelries, textiles, glass, carpets. The collections are from the ancient times, giving visitors the antiquity-feel of each items displayed on the museum.



3. Souq Waqif – Bounded by Al-Souq St & Grand Hamad Street

This is one of my favorite places in Doha. It is the only lasting area in Doha that retains an authentic feel when it comes to architecture and culture. The entire market has been redeveloped to look like a 19th century souq. This is the place if you’re looking for souvenirs, handicrafts, national Qatari dress, spices and perfumes. There are even Arabian horses wandering around the souq. We eat some Khunafa, an Arab sweet dish. I truly loved this food, as I have a love for cheese. So, if you are a cheese lover like me, you should grab some of this. We also sipped a warm cup of Turkish coffee while walking along the street of Souq Waqif.






4. Mall of Qatar – Al Rayyan, Doha
It is a shopping mall opened last December 2016. I did some research about the mall and they say that the mall have live entertainment which is located in the heart of the mall. The performances are 360 degrees shows performed on a multi-lift rotating festival stage. The place has also a stunning structure which will make your eyes wander from the stage up to the high glass dome.




5. Grand Hyatt – Santa Monica Breakfast Club

On the day of our little daughter’s birthday, we decided to have a lunch at Santa Monica Breakfast Club, an American restaurant located in Grand Hyatt Hotel. As we enter the restaurant, I fell in-love in the interior, as it is very colorful and lively. Resembling a relaxing beach ambiance. They serve Ala Carte dining, Brunch, Buffet breakfast, Desserts, Dinner, Informal gatherings and late nights. We had a full course meal, and I must say that their foods are soooo good. They also have kids entertainment area. And if you want to unwind a bit, there are seats outside with a calming view of Grand Hyatt’s green landscapes and swimming pools.






6. Holiday Inn – The Business Park

If you’re looking for a hotel to spend your weekend getaway, or if you just want to experience a great hotel with great service, you better go to Holiday Inn – The business Park. We checked-in for a 2 days and 1 night stay. We decided to stay here because it is new and just opened last September 2017. It is located adjacent to Crowne Plaza – Doha, where we had our buffet breakfast. We got the Suite Room. It was roomy and has a separate living room. What I like most about the room is the Suite’s bathroom, it is spacious and has a bathtub. The hotel has vast amenities including a 24 hours gym, an outdoor swimming pool and a pool lounge, an italian restaurant called Sirocco and the popular burger franchise, Stock Burger & Co. Sadly, we didn’t get to enjoy the dining because it was already Ramadan and they are closed.




7. Villaggio Mall – Baaya street, Al Waab, 63047, Doha, Qatar

Located on Al Waab Street and provides world class shopping including top of the line luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino. The mall has an exquisite Venetian style interiors. I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures though, but the place was really nice and perfect.20180511_140121


(Image source: http://www.villaggioqatar.com/)

8. The Diplomatic Club – Al Istiqlal Street, West Bay Lagoon, Doha, Doha

It is a waterfront club located in West Bay. My husband is a member so we were able to enjoy some of the amenities inside. Their facilities includes a gym, outdoor pool, spa, restaurants and beach. The place has a rustic Middle Eastern structure that makes it more elegant and attractive. So, if you’re a new overseas worker here, or if you’re planning to stay in Doha for good, you might want to try signing up to their club membership to enjoy the engaging benefits and attractive sights and amenities that Diplomatic Club has to offer to their members.




We weren’t able to see much of the city’s many attractions because it is Ramadan and all establishments and venues are closed during the day.

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