Real Steal Korean Beauty

It is well known that Korea is top notch when it comes to cosmetics. Tons of beauty enthusiasts are into using Korean cosmetics, as these are known for having mild and safe ingredients, and most of them smells like fruits and candies. Who can’t resist that right?

I remember when I was in College, Korean cosmetics are just making it’s way to the market. There are only few korean make-up brands and most of them costs highly. As time goes by, Korean make-up brands are increasing and competing when it comes to variations and value. Good thing is, there are Korean cosmetics that are low-priced yet effective now in the market, just like Rucy’s Vanity.

The awesome people behind Rucy’s Vanity sent me some of their products to try on. Actually, it is my 2nd time to review about Rucy’s Vanity, as they sent me sample of their Facial cleanser and Whitening toner last year. You may check my blog post here.

Going back to the products they gave me. I received a Two-way cake powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip and cheek tint, and eyebrow pencil.

Packaging impression: I liked it! The color palette that they use are just chic and a bit classy. (Pink,Black,White) Impressive and eye-catchy.

Two-way cake powder SPF 35

I musy say this is one of my fave face powder now. It is very promising and doesn’t cake. I got the shade of dark beige. I thought it was darker than my skin tone, but when applied, it was just the right shade for my face. I like how it smoothly glides unto my skin. I have a combination skin and it helps in controlling the slight oiliness in my nose and forehead. It is also hygeinic to use because there is a transparent plastic which separates the foam and the powder.

Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara

Nothing much to say. It’s just like a normal mascara and good for make-up beginners. In order for me to make my eyelashes look thick and long, I have to re-apply it 4 times. Being waterproof is the only thing I liked about it.

Liquid Eyeliner

It has a thin brush which I like because I don’t usually go for thick cat-eye look. I just want a thin and simple eyeliner look everytime I go out. I can say that it is smudge proof, because I remember I was slightly rubbing my left eye, ( I forgot that I applied an eyeliner) then suddenly looked into the mirror and to my fingers if there are any traces of smudged eyeliner, but I didn’t find any. Whooo!

Lip & Cheek Tint

I like the color when it is applied to my cheeks, but one thing I didn’t like about it is its stickyness. I don’t feel like applying it to my lips either because I am not a fan of sticky lip products 😁

(Tint swatch)

Eyebrow Pencil

One of my favorite of them all! Goosh I’m just inlove with the shade. Finally, I have found the right shade for my eyebrows. It has brush on the end which I can use for blending and smoothing.

I got this shade by the way, and the shade is just perfect, that I can make my eyebrows truly on fleek!

So that’s me wearing Rucy’s Vanity make-up, except that I used a different lipstick on my lips. But overall, I can say that Rucy’s Vanity are worth the hype!

You can check out more products from Ricy’s Vanity website

Connect to their Instagram and Facebook page!


2 Replies to “Real Steal Korean Beauty”

  1. Never heard of this brand! Actually there are so many Korean brands, and especially the road shop brands are super affordable and great quality compared to US brands ❤️

    1. I agree. I am truly a hoarder of Korean make-up. I like their packaging, the smell of their products, just everything about Korean cosmetics haha

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