The Happy Organics Review

Hey hey hey! Another week is about to end and days are running so fast! I can’t believe Christmas season is nearing again! What are your plans for holiday? I bet everyone is excited and preparing. For beauty conscious people, a bunch of them are preparing their skin to look glowing and perfect on Christmas. I mean, it’s like already a habit for them to go to a hair salon or take a frequent visit to their trusted dermatology clinic before the holiday comes. As for me, I’d like to just do my beauty routine at home and use trusted and safe skincare products. As you may notice, I’ve been posting a lot about all-natural/organic skincare products. I am embracing them more ever since I became a mom. I am still breastfeeding to my little one, so using only the safest skincare product is truly vital for me. Going to the main point of this blog, the awesome people behind The Happy Organics sent me these lovely skincare essentials to try on.

What is The Happy Organics?
“The Happy Organics, all our beautifully-packaged products contain no harmful substances. We can assure you that all ingredients are eco-friendly and complementary to the skin. With all of these excellent product qualities, you’ll be surprised that they come at affordable prices that will not break your bank.”



To make available all-natural, eco-friendly and affordable organic skin care product choices of the finest quality, conveniently delivered to families by harnessing the pure benefits of botanicals and promote conscious, healthy living.


To become a world-leader in all-natural, organic skin care products for the whole family  that inspires, supports and contributes to a holistic healthy lifestyle with respect for Mother Nature.

First up is the Raw African Shea Butter Moisturizing Soap. Shea Butter Soap is an extraordinary all-natural skin care that really changes uneven toned skin. In fact, out of all the nutrients around today, shea butter soap is most beneficial. If you are serious about maintaining healthy skin (specially after a good scrubbin’), this should be included in your daily skin care.

I often take a bath twice a day, every morning and evening. I noticed that my skin became dry. Then I remembered what my dermatologist told me before, that our skin becomes dry if exposed to too much water. This soap helped my skin to overcome dryness. I was happy to see the improvement of my skin. This soap moisturized my skin, to the point that I don’t even have to use a lotion.


Next up is this Lip & Cheek Tint. I always go for a natural make-up look whenever I go out and lip & cheek tint is my number 1 must haves. I tried several tints, but this one has become my favorite. It lasts long and doesn’t just wear-out unless I use a make-up remover.



This picture was the first time I tried to apply it on my hand. I was surprised how the tint is still on my hand while I already tried wiping it off 4-5 times. I can say that this one is truly a must have!

Last is the Strawberry Milk & Oats.

A superbly yummy way to buff away those dead skin cells and impurities like dirt & sebum from deep within your pores. This milk & oat scrubs are perfect skin treats and will make your skin really smooth and radiant. Visibly soft and milky complexion in just 1 wash. This scrub can also help treat acne, eczema, rashes and rosacea.


I only use this on my body. After wash, my skin just feels so soft and delicate. It’s my very first time to try a dry scrub like this one, but I’m totally loving it overall.

So there ya have it! I would love to try more of their wonderful organic products. You can check ’em out here –>

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