Dressing with Confidence


Clothes gives us significant ways to feel more confident and powerful. When it comes to handling different situations, we need to make sure that we look our best and feel great. For me, dressing right depending on the situation while being comfortable is a key to feel more certain on how I look.

I will share to you a glimpse of some of my powerful looks depending on the situation.

POWER SUIT – This is one of the outfit I wear when I was still working. When I am in a meeting or business situation, wearing a suit that perfectly fits to my body makes me feel more confident. I decided to wear a royal blue dress because I think it exudes more spirit and happiness.


CASUAL DAYS – Off-shoulder / Cold-shoulder tops are on trend. I always like to throw an off-shoulder top then pair it with any bottoms like jeans, denim shorts or culottes. It makes me feel more stylish and chic even on casual and laid-back days.


STYLE UNDER THE SUN – Wearing an all-white top and flowy maxi skirt is a perfect ensembles for me during summer. I’m totally loving my clothes because this outfit adds a dramatic vibe on a hot summer season.


BLACK FOR THE NIGHT – I remember wearing this all-black outfit during our company Christmas party. This ensembles really exudes my confidence because it fits perfectly to my shape and it gives that edgy look because of the black boots that I paired with my flattering dress.


All of these clothes helped me to feel more confident and comfortable about myself. Taking a little time to choose the perfect clothes that fits perfectly to my body is important. Power dressing gives me positive vibes and boosts my personality.

But how are we going to feel more confident if our clothes are all washed out and drained? Fashion Care is essential when it comes to making our clothes lasts longer.

Check out how we can take care of our precious clothes by using the Electrolux Washing Machine–> http://www.electrolux.com.ph/discover-electrolux/fashioncare/

An Electrolux washing machine can truly help me in taking care of my clothes. With it’s special features like Vapour Refresh program, it can help me lessen the hassle of ironing the clothes. Time management is crucial most especially to moms like me. I can do more important things and save time for my little one. I also like the the different features it has for different types of clothing. I can always choose the program that I need and let the Electrolux Front Load washing machine do the work.

So that’s it! Before anything else..

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