Summer’s 1st Birthday

Time flies by so fast, I remember the very first time I held her and only having the feeling of true love. I was excited and at the same time anxious because I had no idea of what being a mother truly meant, and how quickly things have changed.

I remembered the first time she opened her eyes and stared at me, I learned what unconditional love meant. I had never seen anyone or anything so beautiful.

My daughter and I learned so many things together over the past year. And now, she reached another important milestone in life.

It is a big milestone so we planned on throwing her a party. One of the tricky part is that we are working on a budget and we all know that hiring an event stylist and a party place is pretty expensive, so I decided to do a DIY set-up and the venue in our house. Thanks to Etsy and Pinterest because that is where I got some of the styling ideas I made.
I wanted to give Summer a Floral themed birthday party so that’s what we did.

The decors are mainly made up of floral papers, pompoms, paper lanterns and banners. My mom and I were the ones who made the decorations by hand. We started doing it few weeks before the event.


The Dessert bar and styling are all DIY. I’m so happy in the outcome of our styling, that I even received compliments from our guests. The milestone corner is actually one of my favorites. It just looks so adorable seeing my baby’s picture from newborn up to 12 months 🙂


Photobooth: Slickpics Photobooth

We really did not have plans on having photobooth but ended up getting one because after all, pinoys love pictures and enjoy photobooths. My mom booked them the day before the event and we are so glad that they still accepted our event. They are so accommodating and I love how they came up with the layout that is just right with the theme of the party.
Thank you Slickpics Photobooth for making my daughter’s birthday more fun and memorable!

Summer’s Birthday Outfit: Tinytutus and Mishmash by Paula

Thank you for making Summer cute and lovely in her photoshoot and party.



Foods: Cooked by mom but I ordered the spaghetti, pichi-pichi and lumpiang shanghai in Amber.

That’s pretty much it!  I really enjoyed styling and putting decors but it was tiring. However, hearing compliments from our friends and relatives about how great the place looked and how much they enjoyed the party made everything worth it.

I’d like to thank all the people who became part of Summer’s birthday celebration. You all made her day more special and memorable.

Happy 1st Birthday my love! We survived the first year. Thank you for the lessons, happiness and for changing me to become even better. We have many more years of learning together. You will learn so much more in life, and I will learn how to support you in each step.

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