Neutral Night

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I am taking this chance to blog because my baby is now in her deep sleep yay!

Whoah it’s like forever since I updated my blog. As you all know, I am now a busy mom where my world seems to revolve around my sweet little Summer and finding writing a tricky thing to do considering that I spend most of the time taking care of my baby. It is of course as it should be, but at some point I also need to update my blog. Me and Summer are enjoying each other so much that it is hard to think properly about writing a blog post.

12Anyway, I just like to share a style blog. This is the outfit that I wore in a debut night. The guests are required to wear a white formal dress. I thought of wearing an off-shoulder dress because it is one of the trendiest style nowadays but I ended up wearing a white overall culottes. Culottes came banging in last year and became popular in women’s clothing. With the right fit and silhouette, it can look sleek and stylish to anyone. Culottes is also definitely one of my favorite pants. On me, is a white overall with lacey details on top and a high waist, well defined, side pockets culottes on the bottom. I love how this overall made my look sexy-by-style. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the lacey details up-close because the pictures are not really meant for blogging. I paired the overall with a nude strap heels with a gold metal detail on the sides to give it an elegant vibe.
No accessories on my arms because ya’ll know i’ll be carrying my baby and I don’t want to hurt her with my bangles.



SMGTW Jumpsuit Culottes | FIGLIA Heels

3 Replies to “Neutral Night”

  1. Nice culottes. I wonder how i look if i wear the same. I would look stupid perhaps, not the chic and sexy you. Nway, i love the lacey top, so sexy yet decent. But what i love the most is your sensitivity. You care for your little darling that youve even thought of not wearing any bangle or accessory.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Forget the accessories not the baby lol. With regards to wearing culottes if it might look good on you or not, I think it suits you too. With the right size and outline it will look perfect on you.

  2. What a pretty outfit! You pull it off very well! I’ve never worn all white before… I don’t own any white pants because I’m scared I’m going to get something on them! lol. Cute post!

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