Stepping Into Motherhood

How hard is it to be a mother? After all, I thought of what this parenting thing really entails. Before I gave birth to my dear Summer, I am pretty excited yet scared because I am about to make a huge step in my life. Sure, I knew it’s going to be hard including changing lots of diapers and even lose sleep every now and then.

Being a mom, I know things would be different. It was a lot harder than I expected. From being a carefree, feeling young wild and free, to a mother of a beautiful girl. My world seems to revolve around my daughter. Every morning, I wake up with the notion that I am going to do what I plan to do- or at least what I would like to do. But somehow, it never works the way I want it to be. I don’t have much time doing chores, go shopping and write blogs. I spend most of the time breastfeeding my child. She loves my milk so much! Sometimes, I am lucky to have 30 minutes to 1 hour of rest when she is taking a nap or when one of our family member is looking after her.

The thing that surprises me about being a mother is how much it affects every single part of my life. Once you’re a mother, you can no longer buy branded clothing, hoard on make-ups or even go out somewhere without thinking of your child.
Sometimes I miss going out with my friends or even the companionship from the workplace, but I remind myself how blessed I am to be able to stay at home with my baby. She’s only little for so long. I need to cherish every single moment.

Being a mother is one of the hardest job in the world yet fulfilling. In the end, I am really thankful how precious and blessed I am to be a mother to our child.




8 Replies to “Stepping Into Motherhood”

  1. I was a stay at home mom of 5 and have never regretted it. Loved every exhausting minute and from experience, let me tell you the time flies – my children now grown are raising their own family (9 grandchildren) and while my house gets very quiet most days – I look forward to the noise and bustle of children running around. Enjoy every single minute…..

    1. Yes, they’re only little for some time that’s why we need to cherish every moment with our children. Staying at home with my daughter makes me so happy and fulfilled. When I had her, it’s like I always want to be beside her I don’t care even though I cannot do the things that used to do before I became a mother. She is the most special part of my life.

  2. It’s always interesting to read newly mothers thoughts and feelings, It’s such a huge difference in experiences. No one is the same 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story. Your daugther is adoreable!

  3. Super cute baby! I would understand if you wanted to just stay with her. I’m not a mom yet, but I’ve seen how motherhood changes my friends. It’s like they are more practical and more appreciative of life. No longer is it about just socializing, attracting guys and living the best career. Suddenly, it’s about work-life balance, in order to provide for the one you love 🙂

  4. LOVE your baby photos! CUTE! And yes, everything changes when you become a mom. The thing is, on most days, everything that you used to prioritize when you were single and no longer do has a natural progression as you entered motherhood. Although there may be times when you miss parts of the old life. The important thing to remember is that you are in a new chapter and you can either go back to the old chapters or … better, write the new chapters.

  5. I agree! Mommyhood can be really exhausting! Plus, the many many sacrifices that we have to make now that we have a family. The rewards are great though, truly worth all our effort.

  6. Your baby is so beautiful! Congratulations on being a mother so thoughful and on hand. Many mothers never really get to have tutorials and just learn with the process. I’m happy you were able to adjust to the life of being a mother. You’re doing a great job! ❤️

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