Sprinkle of Blessings

Since the day that our daughter has arrived, it was such a humongous blessing for us. In return, we want her to receive the blessing of Baptism as early as possible.

Our dear Alessandria Summer was baptized last June 26, 2016 at Mary Mother of Good Counsel Parish Church. It was followed by a reception at The Mango Corner located inside Marcelo Green Village. We decided to celebrate her baptismal near our house so that it will be less hassle. This event is really meaningful to us and most especially to Summer. We were so thankful to all of our family and friends who was able to make it during the baptismal day. We appreciate all their efforts, precious gifts and presence.

Our daughter’s baptismal day is one of her life events that needs to be treasured.IMG_6332


Our invitations and giveaway print-outs was made by The Memorabilia. If you want your precious moments be captured and treasured for a lifetime, check out https://www.facebook.com/thememorabilia/

You can give them the design that you want or coordinate ideas, and then be satisfied with the exquisite outcome.


12 Replies to “Sprinkle of Blessings”

  1. it’s beautiful!!! your daughter is truly a cute little doll 😘 the pictures literally made me feel a lot more connected to the scene 😍

  2. Alessandria Summer – what a beutiful name! May she enjoy the beauty of life. I am sure she will as she has amazing parents like you. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the blessing of your daughter. I hope she grows up safe, smart and be the kind of person the world could wish to have more of.

  4. I’m happy for your family! Wow! Your child was baptized in our parish! 🙂 This is the first time I heard of The Mango Corner in MGV. May I ask for their contact details? Would love to check it out for future events. By the way, the priest who baptized her is a friend of mine, Fr. Bobby. A Salesian priest.

    1. It’s nice to know that one of my commenters here is from the same village where we live:) Btw Mango Corner has a fb page you can also message them. You gotta check the place! It’s really nice and cozy most especially their bar.

  5. Such a wonderfuk blessing I’m so happy for you two. Your pictures are amazing and I feel your happiness within your words.

  6. You’ve got an angel on the family:)
    Congratulations! She’s so cute… I’m not sure how hard it was to express your joy and sparkle thru words; I couldn’t have! Wonderful!

  7. So that’s what the church of Lloyd’s family looks like. Lloyd is my BF and my co-blogger. He lives in Marcelo Green Village too and his family goes to church there. Anyway, I’m curious about your daugher’s name. Is is Alessandria named after the Italian province? Or is it a twist on Victoria’s secret model Alessandra’s name? 🙂 – Me-An Clemente

  8. Such a nice picture of a happy family. And congratulations to the baby and welcome to the Christian world. I pray that God blesses you everyday with beautiful sounds and sights. Surely you will have a very happy childhood as Very evident on the photos is the love and care of your parents and those around you.

  9. Congratulations on your new baby and the baptismal. The name of your baby, Alessandria Summer is very lovely and your invites and and souvenirs look so cute! God bless to you and your family!

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