Powerful Life Event – My Birth Story

I had an awesome and wonderful pregnancy journey. I really enjoyed it, from the weird feeling of having someone kicking and moving inside my womb, up to taking advantage of always being in the priority zone hihi.

Giving birth is one of the most exhilarating life event in every women. It is the most powerful thing that a woman can do.
My birthing experience was amazing. When I started to feel the contractions getting more painful and painful, we went straight to the hospital. I was already 7cm when I got there. I felt excited because the day that we’re finally going to meet my little one has come, but I was also scared because it is my first time to be in this kind of situation. I am just so thankful that my husband was always there for me. He eases the pain that I’m feeling and never left me behind. He was there by my side all throughout the night up to the time I gave birth to our child inside the labor room.

G0017780IMG_5656IMG_5675G0017781IMG_5697I had an epidural to minimize the pain of delivering the baby. But the contractions was extremely painful. It became more painful when I am on my 9.5 cm already. It is painful, but a different kind of pain because I knew that we were finally going to meet our little one. I can say that I am at my strongest point during the whole birthing moment. The doctors and my OB-Gyne was impressed on how I push that baby out and only had 1 hour and 30 min of labor time. I gave birth to Alessandria Summer last May 16, 2016 and she arrived at exactly 05:29 am. When she came out, me and my baby had our very first skin to skin contact and it was surreal! I can’t believe I am finally holding the miracle that I had in my womb for 9 months. I find it truly extraordinary of what a woman’s body can do.

It is really what we call the miracle of life. Giving birth to my child was worth every minute.IMG_5755IMG_5715IMG_5733(Our first family picture)

IMG_5780( Grandma is just so excited to see you 😀 )

IMG_5785IMG_5803I am really thankful to the doctors of St. Lukes Medical Center, Global City. With their expertise and great work, I had a safe and memorable delivery. Of course, to my OB-Gyne, Dr. Angelica Ann Chua who did a remarkable effort in taking care of me all throughout my pregnancy journey up to giving birth. To my husband and my family who’s always by my side no matter what. And to God for giving us such a HUGE blessing.


( I stayed in the Private Deluxe Suite. The room was great! It was cozy, has complete room amenities and spacious enough to accommodate visitors. )

16 Replies to “Powerful Life Event – My Birth Story”

  1. Giving birth is the most powerful event of a woman’s life! I’m still very young and I’m really scared of the pain that goes with labor, but reading your words made me feel calmer. It is a natural event and it is surrounded with love, which makes everything bearable 😉

    1. True!! Every pain is worth it. When you finally see your baby came out from your womb, you will forget the pain and feel like on cloud 9!! 😀 It is really a fascinating miracle of what our body can do 😊

  2. Congratulations! I cannot possibly know how it feels (mentally and physically) of moms giving birth. What I do know is that it is not easy and certainly painful. Heck, I can’t even watch videos of real child birth.

    With the small one coming into your life, things change. There will be trying times, but stay positive at all times and think of what the little one means to you, to you and your husband.

    1. Yes, it is really painful but a meaningful kind of pain. The moment our baby came out from my womb, our world seems to change little by little. Taking care of our little one is quite hard as a first time mom, most especially having sleepless nights and the mega effort of changing her clothes and diapers all the time. But all of this are worth it. The love keeps on growing day by day 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Congratulations. This must be amazing. I had my daughter after 6 months being pregnant with c-section. But this is the right way. What a beautiful story and be proud of it. Such beautiful pictures as well. Lovely.

  4. Congratulations! I loved reading your birth story because it brings back all the amazing feelings that I had during my births! I love having the baby and going through the process where it is so hard but then you know it is all worth it. It is so divine to give that gift to someone else. Beautiful story!

  5. I agree with you that it is during childbirth that we are at our strongest and bravest! 🙂 I was also very scared of getting pregnant and giving birth before I got married. I think I heard too many horror stories about it. 😉 But after I attended a birth class with my husband, I became more empowered. I gave birth to my 3 children Lamaze way, no medication at all! It’s amazing how God made a woman’s body!

  6. Incredible concept for a blog post! Though, I am not sure whether it is ethical to photograph the patient by the doctors during an operation.

    1. It is fine to take pictures during labor and the hospital is ok with it, only videotaping is not allowed. I also wanted to capture every single moment during my birthing experience because it is a once in a lifetime event. For me, giving birth to my child is the most beautiful and precious lifetime event that ever happened to me that’s why I wanted to treasure every moment of it, it makes me feel proud as a first time mom. Every photo is a story worth telling.

  7. Wow! Congratulations! 🙂 I may not be able to relate to the story since I’m not a mom yet but surely, what you’ve been through is indescribable with mere words. The happiness you feel when you see your baby. It’s a miracle! 🙂

  8. This day and age has made it so you were able to cover your birth story so visually and detailed. I wish I had that chance. The best I have is a picture that we got of my eldest right after giving birth. Giving birth makes us tougher and I proudly wear my scars.

  9. Wow! Congratulations! Was that your first child? Your baby looked like she’s aware of everything that’s happening around her already especially when she was looking at her daddy. Last November 2014, my wife delivered our first baby and it was really nerve-wracking for me. I wasn’t allowed to join the Delivery Room because the hospital doesn’t allow it. And my wife was laboring for almost 12 hrs. I couldn’t sleep the whole time and she gave birth at around 7am.

    So yeah, babies are all blessings from God! We should all take care of them


    1. Yes! She is our first child. Wow your wife labored for long hours while I just made it 1 hour and a half. Good thing that your wife had a safe delivery. Go bless our babies! 🙂

  10. It is really a great feeling becoming a mother. Keeping a baby in your womb and then feeding him for 2 years is not an easy job. I am recently blessed with a baby boy and I feel great. Things have changed. A lot of things change, in the positive way though.

  11. In a month’s time, my wife will be giving birth to our 2nd daughter. I can’t imagine how hard carrying someone for 9 months, bumping into everything and feel the baby touch you from the inside. And then there’s the labor and giving birth. Some mothers describe the process as very painful but my wife describes it as something very irritable so I can’t fully grasp what it’s like. So all I can say is, it is very life-changing and indeed a powerful event in a woman’s life.

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