Maybelline Empties

Wooo! One of the best feeling for a beauty enthusiast is emptying make-up products. There’s a sense of satisfaction that I used up all of these make-ups without feeling dismayed. I have some make-ups that I have to throw away due to expiration date, without having to consume all the products because it just never impressed me. On the other hand, Maybelline products are usually my empties because I can always find the right make-up that I need  in this brand, it is affordable and it can be easily found in drugstores and malls.


Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake – Of all the face powder that I previously used, this one is on my basket of favorites. It’s an invisible two-way cake powder that has SPF 32 in a shade of B1. What I like about this powder is it’s non-cakey feature and it feels so light when applied. It is also excellent when it comes to oil-control.

Will I buy again? ★★★★★

Baby Skin Pore Eraser – I can say that this is a holy grail product. Putting this primer on before applying any other make-up products on my face has become my routine. It is lightweight, breathable and can really help in diminishing the appearance of my pores. I was also satisfied on how it can help making my make-up lasts longer.

Will I buy again? ★★★★★


Baby Lips in Pink Peony and Rose Addict – These lip balms comes in variety of colors. Aside from it’s fruity scent, what I like about this product is how it can make my lips moisturized all-day while exposing the natural color of my lips. Plus, I’m using Maybelline lip balms since high-school! lol

Will I buy again? ★★★★★


Fashion Brow Mascara – I got mine in a shade of Rusty Brown. It is actually good in giving my brows a lighter shade and keeping the hairs in place. I am not quite satisfied with the shade of this brow mascara so probably I will have to try another shade or brand.

Will I buy again? ★★★☆☆

Hyper Curl Volum Express – I don’t usually include mascara in my basic make-up routine because I just don’t like the feeling of having heavy make-up on my eye area. But this mascara is excellent when it comes to making your lashes appear full and longer. I use this mascara when I have to attend an event or when I just feel like putting it on. I remember using this product everytime I have to attend an occasion or an event, I put 3 coats of this mascara and viola! It’s like I put falsies on my lashes.

Will I buy again? ★★★☆☆

Pure Concealer Mineral – It is a non-heavy and non-sticky concealer. I got the lightest shade in 01 because I use this concealer to cover my under-eye and some blemishes on my face. And since it is the lightest shade, I also use this product to highlight some parts of my face like the nose area, chin, and forehead. Although this product does it’s great job in covering unwanted spots and blemishes on skin, I’d still want to try on different concealers.

Will I buy again? ★★★★☆

Hyper Sharp Wing Liner – Just like Mascara, I don’t always include eyeliners in my basic make-up routine. Just like what I’ve said, I usually prefer a more natural and lighter looking make-up. But when I am in the mood to put my eyes on fleek, this eyeliner is the best! I love brush pen liners because it is hassle-free and I can draw lines easily.

Will I buy again? ★★★★★

So I guess that’s it for this post. What do you think!?

What is your current Maybelline empties!? 🙂

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