Smart Parenting: Baby Shower

Being a mom for the first time is fearful yet exciting. It is the time wherein a woman is going to handle greater responsibilities. To get ready and be prepared for the arrival of my little angel is one of the task that I’m doing right now. It’s such a good thing that I was invited by Ms. Grace Enriquez, Media Relations Manager of Summit Media, to attend the Smart parenting Baby Shower Event that was held at Drake and Columbus Function Room, Discovery Suites Ortigas last April 03, 2016.


IMG_4914IMG_4885As you all may know, Smart Parenting is the largest parenting news and lifestyle brand in the country, and they just held their annual baby shower in which expectant moms celebrates the joy and thrills of being a mother. The event includes speakers who will help and guide us with our pregnancy journey, fun activities, raffle and prizes.

Through Smart Parenting’s partnership with Downy Baby Gentle, mothers were given first-hand information about the importance of choosing baby-friendly products that are tested by dermatologists and certified safe for baby’s sensitive skin. An expert from the Philippines Pediatric Society, Dr. Jaime Isip-Cumpas, shared the significance of gentle softness on baby’s skin.



IMG_4913Series of talk were also conducted by Sharon Agoncillo-Galang, an Independent Certified Instructor of the Baby Signs Program. She taught us how to do sign languages for our baby. Another talk tackled breastfeeding, which was discussed by Zenaida Feliciano, an executive turned Breastfeeding Coach who helped set-up the first Prenatal Lactation Clinic in the Philippines at the Asian Hospital.

Betty San Luis was also there to shed some light on the different options of giving birth with your birth of choice: Natural, Medicated, C-Section, or Water Birth. Betty is the main Childbirth Mentor of Birthing is a Blessing; certified Doula with Childhood International.

Writer, stylist, and travel blogger, Coni Tejada, conducted a fun activity with Scribble Onesies, while other guests learned about and experienced Pre-natal Yoga with Urban Ashram.


12961555_10154127823361457_5102696241126970010_nOkay, so that is me on the very right side. The only picture including me haha. I wasn’t able to bring my husband in the venue to take pictures of me.

IMG_494012919741_10154127809941457_4499414275533853523_nOne of the guest speakers was TV host-author and first time mother, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, who describes herself as a hands-on mother despite her busy schedule. Bianca shared her experiences as a first time mom to her 5-month daughter Lucia Martine.

Super thanks to Smart Parenting and Downy baby Gentle! All mommies came home not only with useful Downy Baby Gentle goodies, but also with helpful tips and relevant information we can use once our little once arrive.



Here are the goodies I received from the event. I got two bags because there is a different loot bag for mommy bloggers. It actually has the same content, the only thing is the loot bags for bloggers has 2 Downy Baby Gentle. Some of the sponsors are Tiny Buds, Pampers, Mommy Treats, Giant Carrier, plus we were given a yummy cupcake from La Dolce Vita and a P500 voucher! (click on the links to go to their respective Facebook Page)

Visit for more information about the importance of dermatologist tested fabric conditioners, as well as gentle softness tips and How-Tos.

Get access to vital parenting information and relevant content 24/7, visit and follow them on

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You may also watch our Vlog on Youtube with some highlights during the SP Baby shower event.


18 Replies to “Smart Parenting: Baby Shower”

  1. It’s nice that they have this kind of event to prepare preggy moms especially the first-timers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a fun-filled event! Very informative as well. So thankful for the speakers to share their time and knowledge.

  3. I remember the first time I attended Smart Parenting’s Baby Shower. It was in 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Just like you and other first time moms I was so excited and grateful for events like this. 😊 Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is a good activity sayang I wasn’t able to attend when I was prego before. Maybe next time, like 4 years from now. Haha

  5. Wow, seems like everyone had a blast! And I agree that a baby’s (esp a newborn’s) skin should only be exposed to softness. I was very cautious when choosing my son’s clothes when he was a baby.

    1. Yes you’re right! I actually bought a lot of clothes for my baby hihi and of course I take priority when it comes to quality and fabric. I’m just so excited to use all of ’em to my little angel soon! 🙂

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