My Beautiful Transformation

You’re probably wondering what kind of transformation I am referring to in my title. First of all, life is interesting. Why? It is full of unforeseen events. I don’t know what lies ahead of me that’s why I always have a diverse of feelings. During my preadulthood and as I age, I kept on wondering what is the purpose of my life. I actually have a vague direction because I am keen to try all new things and I like to be engaged in countless experiences that is out there. Most likely, I decide for myself and enjoy every bit of whatever life is giving me. But life also never fails to surprise me. Suddenly, It has given me this transformation that most women are expecting to happen in their lives.



From being “I” to “we”. It is a stage wherein I no longer decide for myself alone. A stage where it is not about I anymore, it is about we.
My partner and I decided to get married. We were so in love with each other and thought of this is where we will end up anyway. We may not have the perfect and ideal relationship, but most importantly is that we both know our love for each other is true.


My transformation was more beautiful and meaningful when a blessing started to live in my womb. From being young and carefree to a more mature, responsible, and fearless me. The first time I knew that I was pregnant, I can’t believe it. I cried and felt hopeless to be honest. It made me feel like I didn’t live my life to the fullest. But all these symptoms are just normal after realizing and accepting the fact that I am going to be a future mommy. That there are more exciting and fun things that I can do together with my partner and our little angel.

During the first time I heard of my baby’s heartbeat, I was amazed and delighted that there is really a life growing inside me. I consider this as one of the best feeling in the world. This is one of the most precious gift that I ever had. The most valuable gift that I will treasure in my entire life.


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Being a mother will be a wonderful, exhilarating, and challenging experience. It requires reinvention because I am not only going to have a baby, but I will own a new identity. I am getting excited to a more amazing person that I will be. I am so proud of this transformation.

I am also grateful that my mom raised me with love, wisdom, and compassion. How my mom lifted me since I was born will serve as my guidance to be a great mom like her. I will do my very best to be a good mom to my angel so that when she is already in the motherhood stage like me (yes my angel is a girl!), she’ll be a wonderful mom too. Well, that’s the cycle of life.

T3Life- we are the ones who control it. So all we have to do is to make the most out of it and enjoy all the incredible things that life has to offer us.

My beautiful transformation is one of the most dramatic changes in a woman’s life. Now, I have a clearer vision on what’s the purpose of my life. How about you, what do you consider as your beautiful transformation?

I hope this post inspires you most especially the moms and moms-to-be out there.

Anyhoo, we will be publishing my inspirational video very soon! I’ll update once posted! 🙂

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