New Start x Cosmetix Unlmtd+ GIVEAWAY

Stumbled in my blog for a long long time. I haven’t been posting since and I have a lot of pending line ups! Anyway, another year has passed and new year already started. 2015 has been a tremendous year for me. A lot of incredible and exciting things had happened. There are tons of unexpected things that came into my life, adventures, fun memories, and most importantly are life-long learning. 2016 is just starting when me and my family already received such blessings that we are so grateful of.

Now, we should continue to start the year right. Plan ahead and make the most out of everyday. Strive to be the best versions of ourselves and try to go beyond our limits. Most probably there will be a lot of surprising events that will happen to our lives so we must be ready and learn how to accept things that are new to ourselves. Who knows, maybe some of us will be embracing bigger and better roles that will help us evolve to a most fearless and responsible individual.




IMG_3148Excuse me for the lighting of the photos. We are on a rush and forgot to adjust the light setting of the camera. This was taken at around 6pm already :p

DETAILS (Cosmetix Unlmt) Matte Lipgloss

Photographer: Paolo Cabase

IMG_4214Hopping to the products that I have in this post. I have discovered a new make-up company that caters to every needs of women when it comes to beauty products. Filipina women are mostly practical nowadays so we are splurging into products that is quality yet affordable. Cosmetix Unlimited Inc. is carrying imported brands such as Son & Park, Nature Republic, Shining Nature Purity (SNP), City Colors USA, and Sleeks Cosmetics UK.
They have given me loads of lippies to try on. There are neutral and vibrant colors. The brown shades are typical and used by many because it can fit to any type of skin tone. But seeing these vivid and plum shades makes me love ’em. I am not a fan of those but when I tried it on my lips… it’s totally a bang! The shades are something new to my personality because I am always into a bandwagon of sweet and innocent looking shades (pinkish tones) of lippies. For a complete review, check out my product verdict in my review site. Check it here–>

IMG_4205qqqCheck out their website here

Thank you for reading! Now you are halfway to my GIVEAWAY!

Win 3 lippies sponsored by Cosmetix Unlmtd! Click the image below and do the options to be qualified.



9 Replies to “New Start x Cosmetix Unlmtd+ GIVEAWAY”

  1. Its an honor to finally find an inspiring person like you in the Philippines. 💙 Keep it up doll. 💁 Love lots, xo.

  2. You are brilliant 🙂
    I joined the giveaway! Hope I’ll win 🙂

  3. Oh my! you just solved my problem.. I was looking for amazing lip product range. Thanks for the review it really helped me, you look so confident and inspiring ❤

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