Have you ever experienced you’re completely dressed for the cold rainy weather only to find out that later on in the day, a sudden shift in the temperature will give you sticky feeling and sweat? 

Summer days are over so we expect that now and for the following months, we are going to experience cold temperatures and dreary rainy days.  On days like this, our outfit and style sense can get easily dampened. Switching to whatever is comfortable and easy is not acceptable. We must still consider professionalism in our office outfit no matter what the weather is. But as we all know, weather here in our country is such a bipolar one. That’s why I’ve decided to share some outfit ideas that can be transitioned from rainy to unexpected hot weather.



Wearing a dress in the rain means less dry time.  It’s a lot easier to wipe your legs and it only takes minimal time to dry, Dress is also perfect for sunny days.

During rainy days, make sure the dress you wear allows for movement in case you need to jump over a puddle or step wide to avoid a gutter river. If the dress is body skimming, make sure it has some stretch to it.   It’s also a good idea to pick a dress/skirt made of a sturdy fabric that won’t cling to your legs when it gets wet or won’t easily fly up when it gets windy. Always remember comfort and style!

Just add a blazer to make it look more office-appropriate. It will also keep you warm from the cold weather. You can opt for a neutral or pastel colored blazers and accessorize to make the outfit more interesting. You can just take off the blazer when you need to get out of the office or when the weather gets hot.






You can check out the second look on my previous post here.


  1. Ha! Ha! That’s so true. I have also ended up facing this problem. Once I put on baggy jeans for a date on a cloudy spring day. But, by the time we were half done with our date the day became sunny and turned humid. Finally I had to return before the scheduled time and that date turned out useless as well.

  2. Living in a tropical country, this is one of the problems we encounter as working women. Hot temperature, then all of a sudden, it starts to get cold. I’m also bringing blazers or jackets with me in the office so I can be prepared in any sudden change of weather. 🙂

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