Have you ever dreamt of travelling to Athens, Greece? Well, you don’t have to go that far and travel for long hours to experience and feel what it is like to be in Greece. There is a hidden paradise which can be found in Nasugbu, Batangas named Fortune Island. It was opened last 1995 and was once owned by ex-Batangas governor Antonio Leviste. Way back, it is said to have a salt-water swimming pool, helipad, cabana, clubhouse, and reptile zoo. The island also has a stunning ancient Greek pillars, standing statues of lions and maidens with the breathtaking view of the sea. The island has a lot of stories to tell.From the 1600 San Diego Spanish warship that sunk in the area to modern day ship wrecks MV Kimelody Cristy of Moreta Lines (1995) and MV Princess of the Orient of Sulpicio Lines (1998). Even the replica of San Diego ship has already been wrecked that’s why we were not able to see the whole picture of it. The island is mostly recommended for day tour because it doesn’t have proper accommodations and electricity. But for those who really want to experience extra adventure, you can bring your own tent and make sure to have enough food and water supply for your overnight stay. During our day tour, we also met two people who also love travelling and has been to a lot of places around the world. You can check @jayandsab_aroundtheworld. If you’re looking for good accommodation going to the island, you may contact Mommy Sarah 09394895292. There is actually a lot of beauty remains in this abandoned island. It’s so good to know that our country has a lot of magnificent and exciting places for adventure seekers to explore. I would like to travel and dig into more awesome places and not just to have experience, but to also leave great memories in each and every places I go to.








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    1. Yuo must try to go there! The place is so beautiful and awesome 👍😊 Sure! will try to join in your giveaway.

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