In this world we all live with judgments. Whether it is about people we don’t know, achievements, openness, friendliness or talents. I think it’s a built in method all humans have. We all judge people and I’m not an exception. But I’ve gotten better noticing when it do happens and recognizing that it is something harmful. I have observed some causes when it comes to judging a person. It is because people are very ignorant of what the person is going through, they are rather full of hatred and jealousy, they don’t understand the situation, they are being self – centered, they think they are much superior, they are complaining or gossiping, and they have unrealistic expectations with that person. Not only you are stepping on someone’s reputation, but you also make your life unhappy.



It is difficult to judge someone when you don’t know everything about this person from being in the womb to present. Judging someone not reflects who this person is, rather it reflects a part of who you are.

It is hard to get away from judgements, but it can also start with you.

Acceptance of others is most important, just the way they are. Free yourself from hatred and jealousy, understand situations, and respect other people’s feelings. If there are those who live in the dark, whether by choice or simply being forced to in order to survive, they must be accepted totally as they are if they are to ever come out of the dark into the light, and still, we shouldn’t judge them.

Change your values too. Let them be your own and not simply what or how others have told you you should be, act and live.