I’ve been swamped to work, off duties getaway and sleeping which lead me to “no time” for posting my blogs (as usual). My whole system and body clock was completely the wrong way round. In one way or another, I am used to this kind of shift now. But being a nocturnal worker somehow gave me less time to do my blogger duties. It makes me feel that making time for shooting and posting blogs is such a luxury to me, how I wish I can do everyday.

Anyhoo let’s just move on to the outfit that I wore when me and my family went out for movies and dinner. Before, I am not a huge fan of dark shaded colors like plums or pines because it looks old and mature to me. I’m always on the go for bright or pastel colors. But lately I’ve been starting to love it. While flipping through a fashion magazine, I saw an outfit in which the model is wearing dark and oldish colors and it looks lovely.





On me:

H&M Boots || Forever 21 Top || Wet n Wild Ravin’ Raisin ||  Leg Love Tights

Use code ZBAP109 when you purchase at to get 15% discount!

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