White wardrobe pieces are really essential in one’s closet because it is so style friendly. But wearing all white ensembles is a tricky one. It looks plain yet flashy. So it is up to you on how you will spice up an all white get-up.

I used a colorful printed jacket to jazz up that all white get-up. I think it really works well with the ensembles and the attention of this outfit will be put to that jacket.









IMG_3948Abercrombie Snapback | SO Fab sneakers | Your Shopping Bag Jacket

I got this Barbie by Patricia Field Jacket at Your Shopping Bag.

Your Shopping Bag sells brand new authentic items from the United States. They can guarantee authenticity by sending a receipt (upon request) from the store where they bought the item/s with confidential information taken out. They have an ongoing promo which is a free gift with any P1,000 Your Shopping Bag purchase. Purchase has to be made at their online store and is limited to one gift per customer only.

They also offer pre-order services for those who want to order from any US-based Online Store.

Check out their Facebook page also!

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