I’m Plaid Today


As I’ve said on my previous style blog, casual and street style has been always my go-to fashion. I just love how it is so easy to mix and match the wardrobes. To add a little bit of jazz, I used a plaid purple shaded button down wherein I could just layer it on top of the muscle tee or tie it around my waist instead, to give it a skater look twist. I used an earth toned peep toe heels to give the look a bit of feminism.

And also I must not forget one of my favorite statement tees from Artwork! which I got as a birthday gift.

IMG_2764wARTWORK Graphic Tee | FOREVER21 Plaid Button down | NAVA Peeptoe Heels | DIY Distressed Shorts

O well! hope you guys liked this post!

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