Denim on Denim

IMG_2790On casual days, one of my favorite to wear is just denim shorts and a crop top or a muscle tee. It’s so laid back and style friendly. I can go to anywhere wearing this like on theme parks, shopping malls, or party. The style is so comfortable and it is usually my go-to outfit whenever I don’t feel like being too girly and dressy.

I paired it with another denim wardrobe which is the denim button down. Also one of my faves! It’s so style friendly as well wherein I could just layer it on top of dresses, muscle tee or just wear the denim polo as it is for a more casual look.


IMG_2813I think this outfit also suites my personality because I am somehow a bipolar too? haha weird but I really like exploring and I just don’t like to be stable when it comes to styling. I am a girly girl but I just feel like wearing anything I want.

ARTWORK Statement Tee | DIY Distressed Shorts | RED by Marc Ecko Graphic Shoes

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