Just Feel The Moment


Summer is over and it is now the season for warm rainy days. It’s the start for humid and and gloomy weather.


But that wouldn’t stop me from wearing bright wardrobes. Just because the weather outside is dreary, doesn’t mean my wardrobe or mood has to be. I don’t like to let this rainy season determine what I decide to wear.


 FEF Darling Bunny Muscle Tee | FEF Popsicle headband

This radiant pieces makes me happy and certainly brightens up the aura on a gloomy day.

And why don’t we try something new?! Go out and play in the rain. Grab your besties, sisters or anyone and make splashes in the rain puddles! Just like summer, rainy season can also be fun and lively.


ghghkjI actually had a lot of fun in doing this shoot. Just try and explore something new everytime.

BE HAPPY and always FEEL THE MOMENT! In FEF Clothing, there is always fun! 😀

How about you? How will you turn up the beat during this rainy season?


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