The Free Spirit

Eccentric or well known as ‘hippie’ is actually one of the fascinating kind of fashion. It is more likely about festive colors, patterns, accessories and layering. This is actually the third concept for my lookbook. While I was flipping through my closet, I was choosing between a patterned maxi skirt or a printed square pants for my bottoms. I ended up wearing a black skater skirt since I decided to just keep the idea of this look simple. Pairing it with a neon midriff, denim jacket, accessories and the logic of making it look more hippie, the chucks. The fun color is there,  accessorizing and layering which came up to a simple hippie get-up.



  This is one of my favorite since it doesn’t look overdressed and I feel comfortable wearing the ensembles. I just like the idea of it’s simplicity and effortlessness.


Shoes by Converse



Neon Bandeau by NAVA

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