LORDE Inspired Make-up Look

I believe a lot of you know already the New Zealand singer-songwriter named Lorde. She is well known in her “The Love Club” EP which features five songs including the number one hit Royals which is actually one of my favorite song. Oh well I really love her unique and powerful voice, the reason why her music keeps playing on repeat in my ipod 😀

Aside from her great music and beautiful voice, I also like her make-up looks. Focusing on her eyes, I noticed that she always has this sophisticated yet edgy make-up look. That’s why when my sister asked me to put rockstar inpired make-up look on her, I then used Lorde’s  as my perceptive. I told her that she’d be a stunner in the debut that she’s about to attend with this make-up look hihi 😀


I used my favorite Naked Urban Decay and The Body Shop eye palette for this look.



Here it is!! My pretty sister with her Lorde inspired eye make-up made by her very own make-up artist and photographer, non other than “me” yey! haha. My sister don’t actually like a lot of make-up on her face so I was not able to groom her brows that much and put her lipstick on. Well at least her eye make-up are so gorgeous and can go all the way even without a lipstick or blush-on.

Do we look alike? 😀


Dear sister, you’re a model now of my blog. Cheers to that! 😀

How I did it? Continue to scroll down…


1. For easy application use an angled brush then apply the blackout on the outer part of the eye. Use this as an outline to make a cat’s eye effect. Brush the outer part to get rid of any harsh edges using any fluffy brush.

2. Apply this eyeshadow color next to blackout.

3. Mix this bronze eyeshadow color and snakebite then apply it next to 2.

4. Apply the bootycall in the inner corner of the eye.

5. Apply this pearl shade shadow, from the inner corner of the eye then work your way up to the brow bone.


And voila! 🙂

Makeup should never be used to hide yourself, it should be used to enhance your natural beauty.

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