We can be Fashion

What’s up little red pockets?! 🙂

It’s a weekend! I know a lot of you now is planning to hop on the mall, go shopping, parties, out of town, or anything that can just makes you relax and unwind.

Do you have any plans of what to wear for the weekend? or not just this weekend, for any casual occasions? Well, what I’m going to show you are ideas on how to mix and match clothes and style it.

The particular piece that i’m going to style in three ways is an animal print crop top from Forever 21. This piece is one of my favorites because I can style it in different ways.

Note: My idea of styling this top is just simple and easy. I just want to show you my ideas on how easy it is to create different fad in one piece. If you want to do it more stylish that’s much better! Just give it a groove! 😀  Fashion is not all about impressing, it’s the way of expressing 🙂

Here we go!

The Carefree Chic

Pic Monkey Collage 23jpg

In the picture you can see that I wore the crop top as it is. Paired it with a blue skater skirt, glitter belt and black pumps.

On me: Primmadonna black pumps http://www.primadonna.com.ph/ / Forever 21 knit crop top /Forever 21 glitter belt / Forever 21 Blue skater skirt http://forever21ph.com

Complete details are in this link. http://lookbook.nu/look/5410252-Forever-21-Animal-Print-Loose-Top-Glitter-Belt

Denims for Good

Pic Monkey Colffffflage

I made a tube out of the crop top. Added a necklace to give out an edge then paired it with a denim and flats for an easy breezy mode of fad.


On me: Forever 21 knit crop top / Forever 21 denim pants / Forever 21 Love Me flats / Chloe Edit statement necklace http://www.chloeedit.com/

Click the link for complete details about this look. 

Go for Brights

Pic Monkey Collage jpggfgdfgg

At last! the crop top is now a skirt! haha. Oh well to brighten up more the day, I have chosen a bright yellow camis and pink wedge plus neon bangles. Then a black cardigan to not overbright the look.

On me: Von Dutch short sleeved black satin blazer http://www.vondutch.com/ / Forever 21yellow camis / Primmadonna pink wedge / Spring Fling neon bangle set

That is all! The top can actually be an off shoulder too. But I decided to just post the three ways that I can wear my favorite piece.

Anyway, you can be more creative than this. Mix and match, express yourself, wear what you want, wear how you want it, just be yourself and you can do fashion. Just like me, I really adore fashion and I know a lot of guys and girls out there adores fashion too. 🙂

You don’t need exactly to have lots of trendy and branded clothes on your closet or be a nerd on fashion terms just to be fashionable. All it takes is your
creativity and confidence.

“Dress to express not to impress”

Till here, hope you liked the post!

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Thank you so much! and have a good day!

xoxo :*****

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