The Pink Haul

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So here is my second time to make a review for my Etude House cosmetics. Just so you know, I am a big fan of this korean make-up brand. Everytime I see this pink house, I cannot control myself but to drop by inside their lovely store and buy something. I couldn’t go out of the store without a paper bag in my hands. Aside from their dainty packagings,what I really love is the luscious smell of their products… almost to eating their make-up haha just kidding. Anyway, going back.. these are the highlights of the post. Baby Choux base,Dear My Milky Gloss, Lovely Cookie blusher and sample of Precious Mineral Any Cushion. 

IMG 0579 

This is my favorite product among the sweet recipe line. And this is my favorite make-up base ever!!. The light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside.
I like the packaging now compared to their first release of this choux base wherein it is packed inside a glass tub. It is more hygienic and I have full control of the make-up base that I’m going to use. I got mine in #3 Peach choux. This make-up base is a must try because aside from making your skin smooth and radiant it also has SPF 25 which is good for sun protection. It makes the bb cream/ foundation lasts for about 7-8 hours and is also good for covering up minor blemishes so it is as well good for using the choux base alone.

IMG 0582 

Next up is the Lovely Cookie Blusher in Raspberry Tarte. I actually have two of this blusher but the other one is in Peach Parfait which is good for a more natural coverage. (Oooh look how cute the powder puff is!!) This blusher is pigmented so applying this blush in a small amount is a must. It is also long lasting which is a plus to me because I don’t have to retouch as much as I do in some of my blushers.

IMG 0580

I was actually on a hunt for a less glittery lipgloss. This time I like to try lippies that are not too shiny on the lips ’till I found this. I got mine in Blueberry Latte. The color is such an adorbs which reminds me of a Blueberry Milkshake 😀 I just love how it glides smoothly on my lips.

IMG 0586

And such a delight when I had this Precious Mineral Any Cushion sample as a freebie from my purchase. The shade for their samples is only in Natural Beige. This is actually one of their new released product that I really want to try. It claims to be 6 in 1 multi functional foundation that gives sun protection with SPF++50, moisturizing, whitening, skin tone correction, wrinkle care, and oil control. And finally now I got to try this baby! :* This product gives a light to medium coverage. It gives a radiant and flawless finish once applied to face. Better set it with a pressed powder to make it last longer and if you want to mattify the look.

Check out the Precious Mineral Any Cushion video and know more about this amazing all in one make-up –>>


4 Replies to “The Pink Haul”

  1. I love this post I found it interesting to read, the pictures are great and has had a lot of thought put into it 🙂 ❤
    Kim x

  2. I do hope that you make a review of the precious mineral any cushion product soon! I have been contemplating on weather I should buy it or not, as most korean products like bb creams and such are always perfect for the sunny weather here in the Philippines! So far what I love from etude house is their Play 101 Pencil (the light brown one) which I use as an eyeshadow base and their eyebrow pencils… 🙂

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