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Hello readers! I’m back to give you a review and a short story about my favorite dermatological clinic.

I happen to see this clinic everytime I go to Market! Market! Taguig City. I just pass through this clinic and wondering what do people get from entering in that kind of clinic. I don’t have any experience in going to dermatological clinics since I don’t have any skin problems before I enter college.  But when the time came when blemishes and skin problems started on my face, I was only 17 years old back then. I was hesitant to go to a dermatological clinic because I was afraid to undergo a facial treatment because it might be painful. So I tried different kind of facial cleansers and soaps on my face hoping that I will get rid of those blackheads and pimples that is starting to pop on my face. But any of the products that I tried didn’t work. Pimples will be gone but for just a mean time. I had acne spots and won’t get rid of the blackheads. This is the time when I decided to go to a dermatological clinic. It is also ok with my mom so she was with me when we went to the clinic. The clinic that we decided to have my consultation was the Skin 101 in Market! Market!

Skin 101 is a medical facility specializing in the fields of cosmetic surgery and dermatology. The clinic aims to improve and enhance the patient’s self-esteem with their wide array of cosmetic surgery and dermatology procedures performed by well-trained physicians



There is a front desk at the left side of the clinic. We asked if there is any doctor available in that moment. And luckily there is! So we scheduled a consultation with the doctor. The front lady told us that the doctor will be available after 15 minutes because the doctor just arrived. By the way the doctor is a she I just forgot her name. When mom and I was at the waiting area, I was observing the clinic. The ambiance is good. All the staff are in their uniform, the music is relaxing, there are CCTV cameras everywhere, and I think they just have the right rooms to accommodate the customers. After the 15 minutes wait, the doctor called us. She greeted us in a polite way. She first asked what kind of soap I was using and if I undergo a facial treatment before. She asked all about my skin condition. Then afterwards, she gave me prescriptions. I thought that I was going to have my facial treatment that day but she told me that my face should be ready first before the facial treatment since it was my first time to undergo a dermatological facial treatment. I was prescribed with a medicine capsule and some facial products from the clinic. 

I went back to the clinic after two weeks. I availed of their acne control facial treatment. The staff that worked on my face was in a complete uniform, wearing hairnet and gloves. My face was steamed first then after a few minutes the facial treatment started. I will rate the pain 6 out of 10. The pain was bearable since the staff’s hands was gentle. After that, I noticed a difference in my face, the blackheads and pimples were gone. 

Until now I’m still having facial treatments in their clinic rwice a month. I just have to maintain the products that were prescribed to me and have a facial treatment every month to maintain that blemish free skin. I can say that this clinic is one of the best because they have well trained staffs, excellent service and a nice place. One satisfied customer here! Thumbs up to Skin 101! 🙂 




Skin 101 was established last March 2004 and now has 8 branches.

94 Katipunan Ave. White Plains, Quezon City
11am to 8pm Mon-Sat
440 8101

Market! Market!
4th Level, Market Market, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
10am to 9pm daily
844 3763

Pasig City
Triple K Building, Concepcion St., San Joaquin, Pasig City
11am to 8pm daily
641 3816

SM City Sta Rosa
2nd Level, SM City Sta Rosa, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
10am to 9pm daily
049 534 2437

SM Supercenter Muntinlupa
2nd Level SM Supercenter Muntinlupa
10am to 9pm daily
659 1892

SM City Taytay
Basement level, Building B, SM City Taytay, Taytay, Rizal
10am to 9pm daily
661 2087

11am to 9pm daily
400 9591

VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB 12PM to 7pm Tues and Thurs
10am to 4pm Saturday
635 3153

SM City, Fairview
2nd Level
Quirino Highway and Regalado Avenue, Novaliches, Quezon City
10am to 9pm daily
209 7546 / 0932 863 7546

SM City, The Annex
Basement North EDSA, Quezon City
10am to 9pm daily
209 6975 / 0932 8667546








For more information about the clinic visit their official website at:

Like their Facebook page: 




15 Replies to “Skin 101 Clinic”

    1. Glad you liked the post! 🙂
      I also like their staffs and most especially their services, but since we moved to another city, I had no choice but to look for another clinic. How I wish Skin 101 would also have their clinics near.

      1. I havent visited their clinic for months and after reading your post, I’ve decided to pay them a visit after work this coming tuesday and avail of their facial. Their steroid injections for cystic acnes are really a good and affordable (50 php only) quick fix for cystic acnes esp on days before an upcoming event. U have a nice blog by the way =) .. God Bless and nice meeting u!!!

  1. Hi! I really wanted to try Diamond Peel in skin 101 at Market Market Branch that’s why I’ve been reading a lot of stuff regarding diamond peel, as well as reading some comments about Skin 101 (market2 Branch). So far, all were a positive response. I dont have any problems (face), i just wanted to pamper my self since I never tried facial before. You think Diamond Peel will be good for my face? Thanks a lot! 😉😉😉

    1. Hi! It is actually good for the skin because it removes the dead skin cells and it helps to renew our skin into a new one. I suggest you still better ask for a doctor if it is advisable for you to have a diamond peel because each and everyone of us have different skin types. 🙂

  2. Nice blog! Already tried the cystic acne injection and it did help. Btw, how much did it cost you for the consultation with the doc and the treatment?

  3. How much does it costs you for the consultation? And the facial? Im curious because my mom will be taking me there maybe next week .. Btw nice blog

    1. Thanks! This was long ago.. As far as I remember my check up costs 500 Php The facial, I think it’s 300 but it depends on what kind of treatment you like to have.

  4. Hi. I know that the prescription of products and meds will vary, but can you give an approximation of how much you spent on the meds and products that was recommended to you, and how long were you able to use them? I just want to have an idea on how much money to save before I go there and have a consultation. I love your blog, by the way. Hope you respond soon. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hindi ba free yung consultation mo? gusto ko sana magpa-facial. First time ko, 27 na ako 🙂 wala naman ako masyadong pimple at hindi din naman ganon ka-oily ang mukha ko. gusto ko lang sana i-try yung pinakabasic nilang facial, pero gusto ko din sanang itanong sa doktor kung anong skin type ko. pero kung mahal yung consultation baka magdiretso na ako sa facial. dasal na lang na sana hindi masira fez ko 😀

    1. Hi! Nope consultation is not free. May doctor’s fee kasi. The doctor will check and see what’s the best procedure to do on your face condition. I do seldom visit Skin101 anymore and malayo na from where I reside that’s why I’m not updated with their prices. Ok naman sa clinic na yan and accommodating ang staffs 🙂

  6. Gonna go to skin 101 market market branch later. I’ll try their acne facial. Sana effective haha. Dami ko ng pimples eh 16 years old palang ako

  7. Hi hesitant ako mag try. nagulat n lng ako mg dumami ung white heads ko sa kananh face and hnd na ko nawawalan ng pimple kda linggo. Dumami tuloy dark spots ko. Ok lang ba mag pafacial ng hnd na nagpapaconsult?

    1. Hi Krizza! It’s better to have a doctor see your face because they know what’s the right procedure to be done. Nung first time ko magpafacial nagpaconsult muna ako 🙂

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