Livin the Street Style

IMG 0367

As of late, I’ve been experimenting my outfits. Mixing and matching my wardorbes, challenging my own perception when it comes to mode of fashion and comfort, as well as acclimating to certain trends that I didn’t percieved I can carry out. So far, I can say that I nailed it! 😀 The same with hashtag ”throwback”, I looked back and realized how far I’ve grown as a person especially when it comes to fashion. As I’ve said, looking back.. I consider myself as a plain dresser. But when I started to be conscious in everything that I wear and how I look, that’s the time I began to have interest in fashion and current trends. And inch by inch, my heart for fashion has gone big. (at present my love is on street styles for the reason that it is comfortable and wieldy) It is also an important part in me because it serves as a medial part of my life to express my thoughts and innervation. 


IMG 0320
Forever 21 Long Sleeves Midriff | Levi’s DIY Distressed denim shorts
IMG 0312

 (I know the background of my post somehow contradicts to my blog title hihi :p 

IMG 0325IMG 0323
So Fab Shoes | Forever 21 Glitter Belt

I can see no wrong in trying to be different and audacious. As long as it is not all about impressing others or to stand out among the rest, but just so you can take notice on how far you can go and different course to be happy and outright.

IMG 0310

4 Replies to “Livin the Street Style”

  1. I love these pictures. They are done lovely. The outfit is great to. Its something casual and also festival wear. Great Choice!
    Kim x

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