Glamorous Eyelashes

Just as last week I had my eyelashes extended in Stylash Eyelash Salon. It was actually my very first time to try it and I really loved the result.

Here are their offered services:



Stylash Services
Stylash Services 2


I availed of their Glamorous eyelash extension in posh style which is 100 pieces per eye. The staffs were approachable especially Dimple (the one who did my eyelashes). The procedure lasted for about 1 hour and a half. I actually fell asleep while Dimple was doing my lashes. For the first two days, I felt a bit of itchiness in my right eye. I also felt like my eyes were kinda heavy, but after a few days I get used to it. A lot of my friends noticed my eyelashes and also wanted to give it a try.
I do seldom put eye makeup because having a glamorous poshed eyelashes already adds appeal to one’s look. The eyelashes was so nice and dainty so most of the time the only make-up that I put on my face is just blush on and lipbalm. 
If you’re wondering how long does the eyelash extensions lasts… they said that it is good for 1-2 months and they suggested to have my eyelashes retouched after 3 weeks for maintenance. Oh well if I will have my eyelashes retouched, I would love to add the perky brown in my eyelashes 😉
All in all I really love their services. Thumbs up to Stylash!! 😀


Here is a posted picture in my Instagram account with my Glamorous Eyelashes 😉

a277e0708ceb11e39c0a1258a54e96fa 6

Like their facebook page –>  http://



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