Dermstrata Skin Clinic and Spa

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I just want to share another great experience that I had in one of the well known derma clinic in our country.
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To give you an idea on what the clinic is all about and how dermstrata began,

Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa: from its humble beginnings of a single branch in SM Centerpoint, it has now grown to 30 branches with more to open within the year. A testament to the outstanding service Dermstrata provides to its multitude of satisfied and happy clients.

Started by the vivacious Dermatologist, Dr. Winnie Rodriguez on December of 1999, she envisioned Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa to be an institution that caters to the physical needs as well as address the emotional and social well-being of the person; an institution that allows an ordinary person to afford such treatment and pampering. It’s a vision carried out through professionalism, impeccable service, unmatched personal attention and tender, loving care by the charismatic doctor and her group of doctors and crew of highly skilled nurses and therapists.


So there, Im always having a facial treatment every month but in different clinic.  Since we moved to our new house, I find it hard to go back and forth to my usual derma clinic because it’s a bit far and it’s kind of hassle for me. So I searched for another clinic that also has the best services for their customers. Till I found Dermstrata, it is the branch in SM Bicutan. I searched through the net and found positive feedbacks about the clinic. Of course there are also some negative comments but mostly it’s positive. So after I went shopping in the mall I tried having an acne treatment facial. The procedure is almost the same with the other facial treatments there is steaming, pricking and mask afterwards. In Dermstrata it is a bit pricey compared to my derma clinic before but I can say that it’s really worth the pay for.

Aside from having your face steamed, pricked and masked, there are also other treatments included in the package. Also, what I love during my acne treatment is the final procedure. They called it the cold compressor (im not sure with the term hihi) this procedure will help your face to relax and reduce the redness caused by pricking your acne, that’s why I can still go shopping after the treatment because my face is not obviously too red 😀  And oh by the way! I also like the aesthetician that worked on my face. Her name is Joy 🙂 She is so nice and friendly. I can tolerate the pain during the pricking session because her hands are too light. We also got to talk about a lot of things during my treatment. I even told her that when I came back for more facial treatments, I want her to always do the treatment procedure for me. They also don’t force you to buy their products. But since im running out of toner, I asked Joy what are their available toners then I bought one. I am so excited to use this! I believe that this can do great for my skin and that’s how I trust Dermstrata 🙂

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I am so satisfied with the outcome of my facial treatment with Dermstrata. I will totally go back here every month to have my facial treatments! 🙂


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