Dermstrata made my day


When you’re working, you only can find a little time to relax and unwind. In my work, I only have 1 day off to have my self rest and what I do is to sleep and sleep and sleep :))). But yesterday I decided to be pampered and have my facial treatment. So I went back to my new facial clinic which is in Dermstrata located in SM Bicutan. As I got there I was surprised because one of the esthetician told me that I have a free facial treatment. She said that the main office of Dermstrata have read my blog about the clinic and decided to give me a free facial treatment.
The perks of being a blogger! This is such an early christmas gift for me! 😀
 I had another acne treatment facial and i’ve chosen Joy to do the procedure for me since I told her during my first visit that I want her to always do the facial treatment on me. 
Just like my first visit in the clinic, the procedure went well and I was so satisfied with the outcome. Although it was a bit painful because I had more acne compared to my first visit. I also noticed some acne in my face since I started working. Maybe it was due to stress, lack of sleep and pollution.
Well, having this kind of problems, Dermstrata is one of the best clinic to go to. The facial treatment has a complete procedure in which your skin will really be satisfied. They also have wide array of products for every skin type or skin condition. 
I have tested their toner and I can say that it really did good on my skin. I may have to avail of their toner again since I’m almost running out of it. I also bought some of their products which is the sunblock gel, face wash, and antibiotics. The esthetician recommended this to me since I have a slight sensitive skin and also for skin maintenance. 

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I would love love to go back in this clinic every month because of their good and satisfying service. 🙂 
I’d like to thank Dermstrata again for my free facial treatment. More power to your group! 
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